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Study Skills: Pre-Hons


Starting at university is a new experience for all students.  As the focus shifts towards independent study and critical thinking, you will need to master a range of academic abilities. The good news is that you already have these skills.

To support your studies, the Student Development Office (SDO) has created a series of academic workshops to help you master your transition to Higher Education.

Five Key Areas for Development

  1. Learning Skills
  2. Reading Skills
  3. Writing Skills
  4. Speaking Skills
  5. Exam Skills

Throughout the year, the SDO will run workshops on these five skills areas.  Slides for workshops are accessible ahead of the session.

SDO - Learning Skills (PDF)

SDO Learning Skills

SDO - Reading Skills (PDF)

SDO - Reading Skills

SDO - Writing Skills: Planning your Essay (PDF)

SDO - Planning your Essay

SDO - Writing Skills: Writing your Essay (PDF)

SDO - Writing your Essay

SDO - Referencing (PDF)

SDO - Referencing

SDO - Speaking Skills (PDF)

SDO - Speaking Skills

SDO - Exam Skills (PDF)

SDO - Exam Skills

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