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Tips for the Year Ahead


The academic year will pass quickly but planning early will help you to manage your schedule. The SDO offers 1-1 skills coaching to help you identify your goals and structure your time.


University is a great space to push your boundaries and try new things. You could:

  • join a new society
  • take up a new sport
  • meet new people
  • find a new hobby

There are always new workshops, clubs, initiatives and opportunities available to you. No matter what you want to achieve this year, there will be someone ready to help you!

Clubs and societies


There are so many people across the university who want to help you succeed. If you need advice, guidance or just a friendly face, don't be afraid to reach out and ask for support.

Time management

Submission deadlines creep up quickly so manage your time from the start to spread the workload and avoid last minute cramming.


University is a great place to meet new people and build your professional networks. The person sitting next to you today could later be the CEO of your dream company. Use your time here to meet new people and build new connections.

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