School of Social and Political Science

Global Academies


The University focuses on collaborative action to deliver a global impact on some of the greatest challenges facing us today.

By bringing together experts from across disciplines to engage with diverse organisations and individuals, the University aims to improve the quality of life across the world.


The Global Academies were created as a response to the increasingly urgent challenges affecting world stability.

They focus their efforts on collaborative action to deliver a global impact by:

  • offering interdisciplinary teaching programmes focused on bridging theory, policy and practice.
  • conducting research that develops and translates scientific advances into policy and practice.
  • working in partnerships across academia, commerce, civil society and local communities to form equitable relationships across the global North and South.
  • fostering communities of practice that advance interdisciplinary understanding.
  • championing equality and justice, particularly for women, children and marginalised communities.
  • coordinating events in Edinburgh and internationally for scholars, students and partners, building a powerful global network of collaborators.
  • forging novel teaching and research activities and approaches, through cross-disciplinary and open partnerships across our Schools and Colleges.

The University of Edinburgh has four Global Academies:

Student category
Postgraduate Community