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This page provides guidance for submitting a proposal for a new course to the Board of Studies. All new courses need to be submitted to the SSPS Graduate School Board of Studies for approval. Information on dates, membership, remit, and past papers are all on the SPS intranet.

A course proposal form (Document download, 60KB) should be submitted to the Secretary of the Board of Studies by the specified deadline. This proposal should already have been discussed within the relevant SA/C. Ideally, the Course Organiser of the proposed course should attend the Board of Studies to present the paper; failing that, the Board of Studies core member from that SA/C should be fully briefed by the Course Organiser so they can present the paper.

Proposed new courses due to run in the next academic year should be approved and put 'on the books' (ie the DRPS entry created, the course listed as an option in the relevant DPTS and Programme Handbooks) in good time before the start of the academic year.

Information needed

The Graduate School uses the course proposal form (above). This form should be completed and submitted to the secretary at least two weeks prior to the Board of Studies meeting. All the sections on the form should be considered mandatory.

More information on these sections are outlined below.

More detailed advice can be found on the Student Systems webpage.

Please note that the Graduate School Office will use the information given in the proposal to create the course entry in DRPS/EUCLID and in our own Course webpages, so the information should be concise, attractive and engaging.

DRPS is available on the internet, as our Course webpages will be, and can be seen and is looked at by current and prospective students. Our course webpages are being created partly in response to applicant and offer-holder queries for further information about courses and optional choices. DPTs (Degree Programme Tables) are interactive and include clickable links through to the DRPS course information.

Approval path

All new courses are approved by the Board of Studies. Exceptionally, they may be approved by the Chair (Director for Learning and Teaching) on behalf of the Board, and the decision reported to the Board.

The Board may request further clarification or amendment. (Note that the course will not be put 'on the books' until the revised version has been received and approved by the Chair on behalf of the Board.)

Once the final version of the course proposal has been received and approved, the Postgraduate Teaching Office (normally the course administrator) will create the DRPS entry on EUCLID. After this, the course code is assigned by EUCLID. The PG Office will add the course to the relevant DPTs, provided this information has been provided.

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