School of Social and Political Science

Procedures and reporting


Convened by the Director of the Learning and Teaching and supported by the Policy and Procedure Secretary, the SPS Postgraduate Board of Studies is responsible for proposals for new postgraduate degree programmes and courses and substantial modifications to existing postgraduate degree programmes and courses.

The Board ensures that:

  • proposals are fully documented;
  • proposals have been drawn explicitly to the attention of all interested parties (within the School and in other Schools);
  • proposals have approval of the School from the academic standpoint (if proposals have resource implications they must also be approved by the Management Committee);
  • approved proposals are submitted to the College Office for the next stage of the approval process.

The Board reports to the Management Committee and to the College PG Studies Committee. It meets three times a year and the meetings are timed to link effectively with the College Postgraduate Studies Committee. . There is a 'core' membership with specific responsibility for Board of Studies business; the core members should attend each meeting or send a deputy. Academic staff putting course proposals to the Board are strongly encouraged to attend, and if they cannot should fully brief their SA/C core member/s; academic staff putting programme proposals to the Board must attend to speak to their proposals.

The core membership includes a representative from each Subject Area or Centre, a representative from the Techonology-Enhanced Learning team and from the Library Services. The SPS Postgraduate Edinburgh Students' Association (EUSA) Rep is also invited to attend. 

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