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Confirmation of marks, feedback and appeals


Our approaches to confirming marks, providing feedback and making appeals are explained here.


Confirmation of marks

All coursework assessment is reviewed at a formal Board of Examiners meeting held at the end of each semester. All marks returned to you are provisional until approved by the Board.

Provisional component of assessment marks are posted on the electronic submission system, ELMA, and MyEd.

Once approved, final overall course marks are recorded as ratified within MyEd, after each semester Board of Examiners.

Assessment feedback: overview

Feedback is part of an ongoing conversation between yourself and those teaching or supervising you.

Feedback is an opportunity to think about what you have learnt and how you apply it, in order to further your skills and understanding.

All our MSc programmes take feedback very seriously, and have been routinely praised by external examiners for the quality of their feedback.

Assessment feedback: types of feedback

Feedback takes various forms.

Written feedback

The main form of written feedback is a standard form you receive electronically when your assessment has been marked. This form will help you to understand your mark, to evaluate your strengths and identify areas for improvement.

Verbal feedback

Verbal feedback is provided in class discussion or in conversation with your course organiser or programme director.

Assessment feedback: how to use your feedback effectively

Feedback is most effective when it is used properly: when you get your coursework back, read the comments and then re-read your paper. This will provide you with guidance for subsequent assessments.

If these comments are somehow unclear or if you would like to discuss your work further once it has been marked, you should consult your course organiser or programme director.

Student feedback on teaching and courses

Feedback is also a two-way process. If you have comments or suggestions for how we can improve our teaching, we would be happy to hear them.

These can be raised via the:

  • Postgraduate Student Forum
  • online course evaluation surveys at the end of each semester
Academic writing course

The Graduate School runs an online academic writing course in collaboration with the English Language Teaching Centre.

This course is open to all and will involve feedback on structuring an essay, critical writing and referencing. It will run in weeks 2-6 of Semester 1.

Details of how to sign up will be circulated during Welcome Week.


You cannot ask for your work to be remarked, but in certain circumstances can appeal your marks. However, marks cannot be appealed until they are finalised by a Board of Examiners.

Legitimate grounds for appeal are set out on the University's Appeals Page.

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