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Reasons for requesting an extension


Suitable reasons for requesting extensions

Good reasons for coursework extensions are unexpected short-term circumstances which are exceptional for the individual student, beyond that student’s control, and which could reasonably be expected to have had an adverse impact on the student’s ability to complete the assessment on time.

These may include:

  • Recent short-term physical illness or injury;
  • Recent short-term mental ill-health;
  • A long-term or chronic physical health condition, which has recently worsened temporarily or permanently;
  • A long-term or chronic mental health condition, which has recently worsened temporarily or permanently;
  • The recent bereavement or serious illness of a person with whom the student has a close relationship;
  • The recent breakdown in a long-term relationship, such as a marriage;
  • Emergencies involving dependents;
  • Job or internship interview at short notice that requires significant time, e.g. due to travel;
  • Victim of a crime which is likely to have significant emotional impact;
  • Military conflict, natural disaster, or extreme weather conditions.

In addition to these unexpected circumstances, Schools will also consider requests for coursework extensions in relation to:

  • A student’s disability where the student’s Learning Profile includes relevant provisions (please note aLearning Profile will be treated sympathetically as part of the case for an extension. A Learning Profile itself does not guarantee an extension.
  • Representation in performance sport at an international or national championship level, in line with the University’s Performance Sport Policy.

Unsuitable reasons

The following are examples of circumstances which would not be considered good reasons for coursework extensions:

  • A long-term or chronic health condition (including mental ill-health or similar ill-health) which has not worsened recently or for which the University has already made a reasonable adjustment;
  • A minor short-term illness or injury (e.g. a common cold), which would not reasonably have had a significant adverse impact on the student’s ability to complete the assessment on time;
  • Occasional low mood, stress or anxiety;
  • Circumstances which were foreseeable or preventable;
  • Holidays;
  • Pressure of academic work (unless this contributes to ill-health);
  • Poor time-management;
  • Proximity to other assessments;
  • Lack of awareness of dates or times of assessment submission;
  • Failure, loss or theft of data, a computer or other equipment;
  • Commitments to paid or voluntary employment.

Where a student has good reason for requiring a coursework extension of more than seven calendar days, the student should submit the coursework when able to do so and apply via the Special Circumstances process for the Board of Examiners.

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