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Research Training Centre


The Research Training Centre (RTC) is an exciting new cross-School initiative focussed on excellence in Social Science methods.

The Research Training Centre is based in the School of Social and Political Science, bringing together our key methods initiatives of:

The Centre works to build on a long tradition of contributions in the development and application of social science methods. Visit the website below for information on what the Centre offers.

Research Training Centre website

Your training requirements

You should discuss your own particular research training requirements with your supervisor and/or Postgraduate Advisor at the start of your period of study and complete a Training Needs Assessment (Word doc.)

Your supervisor will upload this to your EUCLID record within the first few weeks of your new academic year. The Training Needs Assessment should be referred back to each year.

Training courses already completed

If you have already undertaken research training courses (e.g. if you have already completed an MSc by Research degree in SSPS) then you may need to take fewer research training courses.

If you have not previously undertaken research training, then you will need to take the relevant ‘core skills’ courses during your first year. Find further information in the Research Training Courses link below.

Most students take their initial programme of research training in their first year – but please remember courses remain available to you throughout your programme of study, and for some courses it may make more sense to take them in your second or third year.

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