School of Social and Political Science

Postgraduate Advisors


Postgraduate Advisors (PGAs) are available to provide guidance for prospective and current students within their Subject Area. This includes guidance on the application process for MScR and PhD programmes and scholarships, assisting with selection of suitable supervisors, and delivery of on-programme activities and guidance. Please feel free to contact your PGAs.

PhD Programme Postgraduate Advisor for Admissions & Scholarships Postgraduate Advisor for On-Programme
African Studies Dr Kevin Donovan Dr Kevin Donovan
International Development Dr Laurie Denyer-Willis Dr Gerhard Anders
Global Health Policy Prof Lindsay Paterson Prof Lindsay Paterson
Politics Prof Tim Hayward Dr Andrew Neal
Science and Technology Studies Dr Pablo Schyfter Professor Catherine Lyall
Social Anthropology Professor Alex Edmonds Dr Magnus Course
Social Policy Prof Lindsay Paterson Prof Lindsay Paterson
Social Work Dr Autumn Roesch-Marsh Dr Autumn Roesch-Marsh
Socio-Cultural Studies Dr Niamh Moore Dr Angus Bancroft
Sociology Dr Niamh Moore Dr Angus Bancroft
South Asian Studies Dr Hugo Gorringe Dr Hugo Gorringe
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