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FAQs for Taught MSc


We know you'll have questions - we've gathered up a list of the most common questions and provided some answers below.


Learning and Teaching in SPS during the pandemic
Why should I be in Edinburgh?

As a School we believe that it is better for our students and their overall learning experience to reside in Edinburgh where it is possible for them to readily access learning materials and resources as well as interact with fellow students in a variety of in-person and digital locations. We have worked hard to ensure that all Programmes have elements of in-person activity even if individual courses deliver the bulk of their teaching online. The safety and wellbeing of our staff and students is our first and primary concern and we are still working with Programme teams to clarify their specific in-person content, particularly in the context of rapidly changing guidance in relation to the effective control of the transmission of Covid-19.

I'm self-isolating, what do I need to do?

If you’re self-isolating, it is crucial that you let the University know by completing our self-isolation contact form. We can then ensure you receive all available support to help you during this period. The Self-Isolation web pages link to the form and provide essential information about what self-isolation entails and other support available.

If you cannot attend scheduled in-person teaching while you're self-isolating, contact your Course Organisor to ensure you can access the relevant material online.

Can I go home?

We recognise that some students are finding residing in Edinburgh challenging, given the present situation and the restrictions placed on social life and in-person gatherings, as well as concerns about their health and well-being and that of those close to them. In spite of these challenges, we would warmly encourage and support you to continue reside and study in Edinburgh. If, however, you do decide to return home we would strongly recommend that you confirm with all of your Course Organisers that you can fully engage with your studies back home and, through the delivered digital content, meet all of your core learning outcomes. If your Course Organisers confirm that this is possible, then the School of Social and Political Science will support you to return home.

If you do decide to leave Edinburgh, remember to update your location on MyEd. You must also request a change of tutorial group if you can no longer attend scheduled in-person teaching. (After Week 3, you will need to contact your Course Administrator to do this.)

In general, if you are unable to study in Edinburgh we will ensure as much as is possible and practical that you are able to successfully engage with learning and teaching remotely, supporting and encouraging online interactions with peers, academic staff and your Personal Tutor or Programme Director. We will also ensure that you may continue to benefit from the services the wrap-around teaching and learning in our school, including the study skills hub offered by our Student Development Office and the advice and support of our Student Support Officers.

When considering any change in location, remember to follow the latest Scottish Government guidance and if you are in the UK on a Tier 4 visa, be sure to speak to the Student Immigration Service to clarify any potential impact on your immigration status.

What is happening in Semester 2?

In Semester 2, the School of Social and Political Science will continue with a hybrid approach to delivering courses. This means that students will have a combination of different types of content and activities depending on course, programme and level of study.

Getting Started at the University
What is MyEd and how do I access it?

MyEd is the University's web portal, and the best way to find and access many of the University’s online resources. Find out more, including instructions on how to access MyEd, here.

What is Learn and how do I access it?

Learn is the University's virtual learning enviroment and provides access to all your courses. You can find Learn via your MyEd profile or directly via this link. More details can be found here.

How do I access my University email?

Follow the instructions here.

How do I matriculate?

Instructions for new students can be found here.

How do I confirm my attendance?

Go to the "SPS Postgraduate Taught Welcome Hub" and complete a short survey. The Welcome Hub is accessed via Learn (

How do I pay my tuition fees?

There is detailed information provided on the University's Finance website to guide you.

Your Studies
What are the semester dates?

Semester dates are available from the University Calendar.

How will my teaching be delivered?

Please visit the Graduate School Course Timetables and Teaching Activities webpage. Your Course Organiser will follow up where more information is required, e.g. to give instructions on how to join live digital sessions or to explain participation on a discussion board.

How do I select my courses?

Please visit the Graduate School Course Selection webpage.

How do I select, change or audit courses?

Please follow instructions on our Choosing Courses webpage.

How do I change my allocated tutorial group?

You should complete the central Timetabling Unit online Group Change Request form.

Who do I contact if I have a disability or require a Schedule of Adjustments?

Please contact the University's Student Disability Service for guidance and information on support available to you.

Who should I contact if I need to request an Extension of Studies, Interruption or Leave of Absence from my studies?

You should contact your Student Support Officer in the first instance.

Where can I locate my Examination (Exam) Number?

The Exam Number can be located on your student card or under the My Information section of MyEd.

When should coursework be submitted?

Coursework deadlines are listed in the relevant Course Handbook or Course Learn page.

What should I do if I need to apply for a coursework Extension?

You should complete the online Extension Request Form, which is available on the Student Administration webpage Extensions explained.

Practical Queries: Life in Edinburgh
How do I set up a bank account?

The University provides comprehensive information about your banking options to guide you with this.

How do I register with a doctor?

Please ensure you follow the instructions on the University's website at your nearest opportunity.

Confirmation Letters
How do I get a Certificate of Matriculation?

Please follow the guidance on the University's Student Administration website.

How do I apply for an Interim Transcript or To Whom it May Concern letter

To request an interim transcript or To Whom it May Concern letter, please email

How do I get a letter for Edinburgh Council Tax exemption?

Please follow the guidance on the University's Student Administration website.

Immigration Queries

Please follow the guidance on the Tier 4 document checklist

What are the Tier 4 Visa Requirements?

Please follow the guidance on the University’s Student Immigration Service website

How do I receive a CAS number?

Please follow the guidance on the University’s Student Immigration Service website

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