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The Edinburgh University Students' Association offers a wide range of support specifically tailored for PG taught and research students.

Each year, the Students’ Association trains over 2,000 Programme Representatives across the University. Students can volunteer to be a Programme Rep for their programme or year of study and receive training and support from the Association throughout the year. This includes optional intermediate training on public speaking, chairing meetings, and debating and negotiating.

The Students’ Association has the role of representing the University’s 35,000 students, through the work of its four elected Sabbatical Officers, Elected Reps, and Programme Reps. The 2,000+ Student Reps across the University exist to gather student views about various aspects of academic life and the wider student experience. They ask students for feedback about what’s working well and what can be improved, in order to work with staff to create positive changes in the University community and beyond. Learn more about the Students’ Association and its role supporting student representation on the EUSA website.

Once programme reps are selected, they will be registered with the Students' Association. They will then receive support from the Students’ Association and participate in their compulsory online training (or basic refresher online training) to help prepare them for the role, including how to gather representative feedback and work effectively with staff to improve the student learning experience.

They are expected to work in partnership with relevant staff at Student-Staff Liaison Committee Meetings to implement positive changes as appropriate. Programme Reps will receive HEAR recognition for their role after they have successfully completed the online training, and have attended the Staff/Student Liaison meetings and any other meetings or events required by the School. 

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Edinburgh University Students' Association


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