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The School welcomes students with disabilities (including those with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia) and is working to make all its courses as accessible as possible. If you have a disability which means that your studies may benefit from adjustments to ensure access to lectures, tutorials or exams, or any other aspect of your studies, please alert your Student Support Officer or Personal Tutor who can advise on accessing the Disability and Learning Support Service.

Disability and Learning Support Service

The Disability and Learning Support Service supports students with dyslexia, mental health issues and students on the autistic spectrum, as well as those who have physical and sensory impairments.

Find out about our buildings and their accessibility on the University Estates website.

An advisor will be happy to meet with you and discuss possible learning support which may include adjustments and specific examination arrangements. The advisor can:

  • assist you with an application for Disabled Students' Allowance
  • give you information about available technology and personal assistance such as note takers, proof readers or dyslexia tutors
  • prepare a Learning Profile for your School which outlines recommended adjustments

You will be expected to provide the Disability and Learning Support Service with evidence of your disability - either a letter from your GP or specialist, or evidence of specific learning difficulty.  If you do not have the necessary evidence, the Disability and Learning Support Service can put you in touch with an independent Educational Psychologist.

Details of what is acceptable evidence


To ensure you receive the support you require, information regarding your requirements is communicated to staff across the University via a Schedule of Adjustments (SoA).

A SoA is an electronic document that lists the adjustments that the Disability and Learning Support Service recommend should be made for you by the University e.g. extra time in exams, copies of lecture slides etc.

For more information, see the Disability and Learning Support Service Schedule of Adjustments factsheet.

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