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Attendance and Engagement


In accordance with the University general degree regulations, you are expected to attend all teaching and assessment events associated with all courses that you are enrolled on.

The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences undertakes routine monitoring of attendance at tutorials and seminars for all students enrolled on courses delivered by Schools within the College. (Where you are engaging with your courses by digital events rather than in-person activity, your participation may be tracked within Learn.)

In SPS, we review attendance and engagement data to enable us to identify where individual students may be experiencing difficulties and to ensure that timely and appropriate intervention can be delivered to provide support and guidance. We also undertake monitoring for sponsored students specifically to meet our obligations to the UKVI.

If you miss one or more of your tutorials and/or seminars you may be contacted by the Student Advice and Support team to find out why you did not attend and ask if you need any additional support.

All data is gathered and stored in line with the University policies and guidance on data handling.

Rights, responsibilities and restrictions

Your Tier 4/Student visa imposes a number of rights, responsibilities and restrictions on you and on the University, as your sponsor, including some relating to attendance and engagement with your studies. You can find them detailed on the Student Immigration Service website and should ensure you have read and understood them.

More information

Any email relating to your visa sponsorship will be sent to your University email address. Please check this regularly. Information or advice about your immigration status can be obtained by contacting the Student Immigration Service.

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