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Science, Technology and Innovation


Undergraduate courses

There is no undergraduate degree programme in science, technology and innovation. 

Instead, we offer very popular one-semester option courses that focus on various aspects of the historical and social dimensions of science and technology.

These courses are open to all students and are an excellent addition to almost any degree programme found across the University.

UG Course information sheet

Years 1 and 2

While there is no undergraduate degree in Science, Technology and Innovation Studies we do offer a number of very popular options.

These course are open to you if you are a Year 1 or 2 student from any part of the University and will complement studies in any discipline.

Honours years

While there is no undergraduate degree in Science, Technology and Innovation Studies we do offer a number of popular Honours options that explore the subject in greater depth. These courses will complement studies in many disciplines.

For more information, please contact the course secretary listed on the DRPS. You can view this by clicking on the course titles listed below.

Provisional honours timetable

Semester 1

Course Code

Course Name


Energy Policy and Sustainability


Knowledge, Expertise and Policy


Semester 1: Block 2

Course Code

Course Name


The Responsible Researcher


Semester 2

Course Code

Course Name


Controversies in Medicine, Technology and the Environment


Medical Sociology


Armed Force and Society


Gender Science and Technology


The Internet and Society

Programme specifications

Programme specifications are summary statements about our degree programmes, regularly revised and approved by our Board of Studies.

They provide very useful overviews of the fundamental objectives and structures of degree programmes. They also provide key information about:

  • basic educational aims
  • anticipated learning outcomes
  • core skills students are expected to acquire through their studies
  • the structure and progression of programmes over the four years

Current versions of the Degree Programme Specifications (DPS) can be found alongside the relevant programme title in DRPS.

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Programme Information