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What is a Personal Tutor?

In the School of Social and Political Science, each student is assigned a Personal Tutor (PT) and you can contact them for degree-programme and academic-related queries and issues.

Your PT is member of academic staff who can advise you on course choices and your academic performance. They can provide academic advice on coursework and exams, study problems, degree transfers and periods of study abroad as well as advice and references related to postgraduate study.

You can find out who your PT is via MyEd.

When should I meet my PT?

Students entering year 1

You will have a meeting with your PT during Welcome Week or Week 1 of teaching. Your PT will contact you with the details of this meeting. You will also have a follow-up meeting during Week 5, 6 or 7.

Students entering years 2-4

You will have a meeting with your PT between Welcome Week and Week 2 of teaching.

What if my PT is unavailable?

If your PT is unavailable, contact your Student Support Officer. They will be able to suggest someone else in your subject area who can assist and advise you.

More information on the PT system

Find more general information about the personal tutor system on the University of Edinburgh website (including information about how to use the online tools).

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