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Most of your day to day enquiries about courses and assessment will be dealt with by the administrative staff based in the Undergraduate Teaching Office (UTO).


Please note that staff in the Teaching Office work on a hybrid basis, with part of the week working on campus and part of the week from home. As a result we recommend that if you want to speak to an individual within the team on campus, you contact them first via email or MS Teams to arrange a mutually convenient time.

There will always be someone working on campus each working day - please go to the main reception on the ground floor of the Chrystal Macmillan building and request to speak to someone from the Teaching Office.

We can still be contacted via email ( or via Microsoft Teams.

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While studying in the School you may need to communicate with a number of different people, for different reasons and in different ways.

Teaching and administrative staff may also need to get in touch with you. The best and easiest way for students to communicate with staff is by email. Use it whenever you can and check your email frequently.

  • use your university student email address (we will)
  • set up any other email accounts you may have so that messages are automatically directed from your student address
  • when a message is sent to your student email address, it is assumed that you have received it

Please note that most staff are currently working a hybrid working pattern with some days on campus and some days working from home. You can find contact details for Course Organisers and Administrators on the course's Learn page. If you need to contact the UTO, please email

If your studies are disrupted by illness or other significant personal circumstances, contact the Student Advice and Support team on

Any questions you may have about course content should be addressed first to your course tutor. Individual tutors will explain how you can best get in touch with them, although the easiest time to see your tutor is just before or after a tutorial. You can also contact your tutor by email.

Lecturers can be contacted via email - details will be provided in your course handbook/on your course Learn page. Some have specific office hours for drop-in sessions. 

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