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A handy guide to UoE terminology.

Websites and Platforms

You will use a range of digital platforms while studying here, these include:

DiscoverEd DiscoverEd is the University's library system. If you're looking for an online text, chances are that DiscoverEd will have it. It's also used by course organisers to create reading lists for your modules. 


The DRPS (Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study) is the formal record of the courses and programmes of study offered by the University of Edinburgh in each academic year. It is useful as a reference tool when choosing optional courses or planning your future study.


EUCLID is the database that the University uses to store information about student records. This includes personal information, marks/grades, progression status and more for each applicant and student. It is also where you can view a record of meetings and personal communication from key university staff (e.g. Student Adviser) to you.

(or LearnUltra)

Learn is Edinburgh's online learning platform. All of your course information is held here, including assessment information, lecture recordings, reading lists, and anything else you could possibly need for your studies.


MyEd is the University's web portal, where you can access a range of web-based services you'll find useful throughout your time here. Each student has a homepage, which is your one-stop-shop to find the things you need. Want to find your timetable, log in to to your accommodation account, or access Learn? Go to MyEd.

Find more about MyEd here.


PATH is an interactive programme builder that helps you map out your studies each year. PATH provides a visual representation of how your courses fit together for the duration of your studies. 

Take a look out our Choosing your Courses page for more information.


Turnitin is a similarity checking tool used by academic institutions across the UK to check work for plagiarism - most of your assignments will be submitted to Turnitin, and your tutors will return your work with feedback here too.