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Transferring or Changing Degree


SPS transfers between and within Schools or Colleges

Transfers between or within Schools in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences  are dealt with by the School who owns the degree programme into which you wish to transfer.  

If you wish to transfer to a degree programme within the School of Social and Political Science, please read the guidance on this web page carefully before completing the transfer application. We strongly recommend that you see your Student Adviser or Personal Tutor to discuss your current studies and consider all options available to you.  

Applications to transfer your degree for the 2023-24 academic session are now closed.

Transfer Guidelines
  1. Transfers cannot be guaranteed and are dependent on students meeting our criteria as detailed below. Other factors, e.g. high demand, may also occasionally apply.    
  2. Transfers into a different degree must normally begin at the start of the next academic year not midway through the current academic year. 
  3. Transfers for new 1st Year students are only permitted in the first two weeks of Semester 1 and must be approved by the CAHSS Admissions Office.   
  4. Students who wish to change degree in order to apply to study abroad in the third year of study need to apply for a transfer by the transfer deadline of their first year so that they can apply for study abroad in the second year.  
  5. Transfers into the fourth year of a different degree are not normally possible. 
  6. Changing a degree programme may affect tuition fee and funding arrangements and students are responsible for notifying their funding body and making any necessary arrangements. 
  7. Student visa holders are responsible for making sure that any change is in line with the conditions of their visa.  The Student Immigration Service should be consulted at an early stage. 
Transfer Criteria

Transfer into Year 2 or 3 

To be considered for transfer, students must: 

  • have achieved no fewer than 80 credits by the end of Year 1 (for transfer into Year 2) 


  • have achieved no fewer than 200 credits by the end of Year 2 (for transfer into Year 3) 


  • be missing no more than one compulsory course for the programme into which they want to transfer (for transfer into Years 2 and 3) 

If you have met the above transfer criteria but have not satisfied the progression requirements of the new programme, your application will still be considered but approval is not guaranteed. In considering applications for transfer where the progression requirements have not been wholly met, particular attention will be paid to evidence of some aptitude for the subject as demonstrated by the results on one or more relevant level 8 (or equivalent) course.  

Transfers into BSc Social Work must meet additional fitness to practise requirements.  

If you have not met the above transfer criteria, or if you wish to transfer into Year 1, a transfer may still be possible with a part-time or full-time repeat year. Please note that only one additional year of study can be permitted. If you are submitting a transfer request where a full- or part-time repeat year would be required please make it clear on the form that you would be willing to undertake this additional year of study.  

If you do not meet the above transfer criteria and cannot progress in your current degree programme, speak to your Student Adviser or Personal Tutor (for your current degree programme) who may liaise with Dr Andrea Birdsall, SPS Director of Undergraduate Programmes. 

Deadline and Application Form

Applications for transferring to degree programmes within the School of Social and Political Science are now closed.

We will aim to respond by Tuesday 1 August 2023.   


Course choices / Pre-selection

Pre-selection forms for course choices in SPS are usually sent out around May. If you have received an email confirming that your application for transfer has been approved, then please complete and submit the pre-selection form as if you have already been transferred into your chosen degree.
If the outcome of your degree transfer request is still pending, please complete the pre-selection form for your current degree programme. If your degree transfer request is later approved, you should complete this online pre-selection form again in full with your course choices for the degree you are transferring into.
Transfers applied for before the deadline will normally be applied on the system in early-mid August.
See also: Choosing your courses 
Please note that if you are transferring to a degree owned by another School, you will need to complete the relevant course sign up process for that School: CAHSS course information


If you have general questions or queries about the degree transfer process, please contact your Personal Tutor or Student Adviser in the first instance. Your Personal Tutor or Student Adviser can contact Dr Andrea Birdsall if there are any questions or concerns about the SPS transfer process. 


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