School of Social and Political Science

Retention of course assessments


Keeping your coursework

The School may retain a copy of your coursework, exam (including take-home exam) and/or project and make it available to other students to assist them in completing their own assessments.

Where your work is made available, it will be anonymised and added to the subject area library or relevant Learn page.  

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 requires the University to make available to any enquirer any information held by the university, unless one of the legislation’s narrowly defined exemptions apply.  

If, with your consent, a copy of your coursework/project is retained beyond the period of assessment, information contained within may be made available to any enquirer. 

Personal information

You should not consent to your coursework/project being retained if your coursework or project contains:

  • confidential information - for example data that has been provided to you by external bodies under a Non-Disclosure Agreement or Data Processing Agreement, where confidentiality and integrity must be preserved
  • personal or sensitive data belonging to research participants - for example information relating to natural persons who can be identified directly or indirectly from the information contained within your coursework/project 

If you do not consent to your coursework/project being retained, or if your work is not retained as an exemplar,  we will destroy the work as in accordance with the University's Taught Assessment Regulation 49.  

Contact us

If in future you wish to withdraw consent, please email:

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