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How to submit successfully to ELMA

We recommend submitting your work at least 1 hour before the deadline to ensure any problems can be dealt with before the deadline has passed. Please also ensure you have access to the internet well before the deadline.

Make sure your assignment has been saved in the correct format

All submissions to ELMA must be formatted as a Word document (doc or.docx.). If you are permitted or required to submit in a different format, this will be detailed in your course handbook.

Note for students using Pages - If you are using Pages, convert your file to a Word document. You can do this by exporting or saving as Word.

Please note, saving as Pages (or another non-word format) and then adding .doc or .docx to the end of the filename does not make it a Word document.

Furthermore, converting from Pages (or another non-Word format) to a Word document may affect your word count. It is important that you check this after converting as penalties may apply.

Name your file correctly

Make sure your file has been saved as your exam number and an abbreviation of the course and component of assessment (i.e. B012345_SocPol essay).

Please only name your file as shown in the above example. Do not include any additional characters such as question marks.

Feedback sheet, is it attached?

Get the correct feedback sheet from the course learn page. Copy and paste this feedback sheet into your document as the first page of your essay (followed by a page break). Complete the required fields: Exam number, course name, essay title, word count.

Keep it anonymous

Check your document does not contain any information that would break anonymous marking (i.e name, student number or hidden personal information – see document 'How to ensure your document is in the correct format prior to submission' for guidance on SPS ELMA

Before you begin, check!

Check your document before you upload it. Make sure you are uploading the correct, final document, in the correct format! If you upload the wrong document and amend it after the deadline, your latest submission will be counted and lateness penalties will be applied. 

How to submit

Ready to submit? Submit your work to the course dropbox which you will be able to find at

Please also be sure to read and follow the guidance on SPS ELMA.

Check again after submitting

When you have submitted, check you have uploaded the correct document to the correct ELMA drop box in the correct format. You can edit your submission up to the deadline. Do this by clicking the ‘Edit Submission Button’.

Once the deadline has passed, you should not re-submit/make subsequent changes. If you spot any issues with your submission after the deadline has passed, please contact the course secretary immediately.

Check your Uni email for 48 hours after the deadline has passed

Remember to monitor your email for 48 hours after the submission deadline. If there is a problem with your submission, we will be in touch. Check your junk and clutter folders in case any of our communications are sent here.

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