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On some courses, tutorial participation is assessed and counts for part of your final mark, providing an alternative incentive to attend and participate.  Check LEARN or with your course organiser for more information if your tutorial is assessed.

If you know that for some good reason you have to miss a tutorial, you should inform your tutor or the Undergraduate Teaching Office beforehand. Please note that pressure of work or problems of time management are not considered an acceptable reason for non-attendance at tutorials (or for late submission of work).

Tutorial allocation

For most courses within SPS students  will automatically be assigned to a tutorial by the beginning of week 1.  You will be able to view the tutorial group you have been assigned to via your personalised timetable which you will be able to access through your MyEd Timetabling Channel. 

Requesting a change to your tutorial group allocation

If you are unable to regularly attend your allocated tutorial group, you can request a change by completing the online Tutorial Change Request form. The form is available on Timetabling webpages.

Please regularly check your Office 365 calendar for timetable updates, and to make sure your changes have been made.

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