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Politics and International Relations Honours courses with space available

Last updated: 12:55 21st September 2021

Semester 1
Course Code Course Name
PLIT10018 International Political Economy
PLIT10048 Contemporary Russian Politics
PLIT10053 Theories of International Relations
PLIT10054 Global Justice and Citizenship
PLIT10068 Europe and International Migration
PLIT10093 Political Work
PLIT10096 Democracy and its Discontents
PLIT10100 Public Policy: Agenda-Setting
PLIT10103 British Government
PLIT10104 Contemporary Issues in Political Science
PLIT10106 Research Design in Politics and International Relations
PLIT10117 The Politics of the End of Empire
PLIT10119 The Politics of the UK Constitution
PLIT10121 Political Economy of Latin America
PLIT10123 Politics of Oil
PLIT10133 Technology, Politics and Government
PLIT10141 The Political Psychology of World Leaders
PLIT10147 Terrorism and Counterterrorism
PLIT10153 Bargaining and Negotiation in International Relations
PLIT10154 Foundations in Global Security
SCIL10065 Nations and Nationalism
SCIL10067 Globalization
SSPS10001 Contemporary Feminist Debates
STIS10001 The Internet and Society


Semester 2
Course Code Course Name
PLIT10003 Africa in World Politics
PLIT10021 War and Justice
PLIT10036 Politics of the Middle East
PLIT10059 Core Texts in Political Theory
PLIT10088 Understanding Indian Politics
PLIT10091 Parliamentary Studies
PLIT10095 International Politics of Money
PLIT10098 Public participation in democracy and governance
PLIT10101 Neuropolitics
PLIT10107 Contemporary Issues in Political Theory
PLIT10109 International Relations of the Asia Pacific
PLIT10110 What's Wrong with Inequality?
PLIT10114 Populism: Pathology or Panacea?
PLIT10117 The Politics of the End of Empire
PLIT10120 Strategic Studies and its Critics
PLIT10125 Law, Violence, and Humanity
PLIT10128 Social Movements and Collective Action in the Middle East
PLIT10130 Gender, Peace and Security
PLIT10134 Comparative Politics of Secession
PLIT10136 Environmental Politics
PLIT10139 Democracy and contemporary capitalism
PLIT10146 Europe in the World
PLIT10150 Politics and Public Policy
PLIT10151 Advanced Topics in Global Security
PLIT10118 Climate Justice
STIS10008 Energy Policy and Sustainability
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