School of Social and Political Science

Accepting your offer


Types of Offers


An Unconditional offer will be appropriate for applicants who have met the entry requirements for the chosen degree programme who have completed their study and have provided all required supporting documents.


Conditional offers will be appropriate for applicants who have preliminarily meet/have met the entry requirements for the chosen degree programme.  These are appropriate for our applicants who are still studying a degree and will be providing final evidence on completion and for those who may have not yet provided a final degree certificate or evidence of English.

Once you have provided all the required evidence, your offer will be made unconditional.  Please not that you can not start your studies with us without an unconditional offer, nor will our Tier 4 students receive a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) letter without converting to an unconditional offer.

Offer response deadlines

You will be informed of your offer via EUCLID (the system on which you apply). This electronic offer letter will include a link enabling you to accept the offer.

Please note that the deadline stated on a conditional offer, is only the date by which you should accept or decline the offer. 

We will advise you of the deadline by which you need to meet the conditions of your offer.


We do not normally offer deferrals for our master’s programmes (taught or research). For some degrees, we may be able to make a very limited number of offers for deferred entry. Please contact our admissions team at if you wish to request deferral of your offer.

Applicants holding a firmly accepted offer for our PhD Programmes can defer (once only) with the agreement of the Programme Director/Postgraduate Advisor.

University of Edinburgh | Information on deferring your offer

Confirmation of Acceptance for Study (CAS)

Successful applicants who have been classed as 'overseas' will require a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) letter as part of their Tier 4 application. CAS letters are issued by the College of Humanities and Social Science once an unconditional offer is accepted.  Please note that CAS letters are issued no earlier than April/May of each year.  For CAS queries, please contact

All visa queries should be directed to Edinburgh Global.