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MSc Social Research


Guangying Feng

Guangying graduated in 2020 and was awarded the 2020 prize for best performance in MSc Social Research.

Here she shares some of the reasons she chose Edinburgh, where she liked to study, and her highlights from her time with us at the School of Social and Political Science.

MSc Social Research

Studying at the School of Social and Political Science

What made you choose to study at the University of Edinburgh?

The MSc Social Research programme at the University of Edinburgh is ideal for me, combining both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Besides, Edinburgh is a really beautiful city that attracts me very much.

How have you enjoyed your programme?

I really liked the courses provided by my programme (MSc Social Research) and the programme director, the lecturers, the supervisor, and the classmates I met were friendly and helpful. In this unprecedented and difficult time with Covid-19, I really appreciated their sincere help and support.

What has been your favourite course?

I love all the courses I have participated in. As a freshman in the social sciences, the courses revealed a wonderful social science world to me.

Aims for after University?

I will continue to pursue academia in the future. Many thanks go to my studies in Edinburgh for preparing me with many professional research skills.

What does a typical weekday look like for you as a student at SPS?

The spots I had classes were located in different buildings. So, I got a chance to explore the campus. It was exciting for me.

Apart from having class, I spent most of my study time in the University Main Library, before the situation with Covid-19. I love the atmosphere in the main library. I usually went to the third floor to study with my best friend. After lockdown, I really missed the self-study time in the library.

What are your highlights from your time at the School of Social and Political Science?

I still clearly remember the ball organized by SSPS at the beginning of the first semester. The theme of that ball was a traditional Scotland dance which is called a ceilidh. That was the first time I felt I entered into a foreign culture.

In addition, the Research Methods Week in the second semester impressed me a lot. I admire the free and knowledgeable academic atmosphere in SSPS. There were a lot of options when you want to study.

Knowing what you do now, what would you say to your past self before starting the course?

I would say to myself that you can work even harder and to really enjoy your studies, since once you leave the University, it is hard to get back to that energetic state.


University life

Where have you lived while studying at Edinburgh?

I lived in the University accommodation called Morgan Court. Although it is not a very new building, it is a very quiet and economical place. It is located at the foot of the Arthur’s Seat. I recommend it!

What has your University experience been like, in just three words?

Hard-working, stressed-out, BUT ENJOYABLE!

If you recommend ONE thing to do in the first semester what would it be?

I would like to recommend to have a walk to Arthur’s Seat in the summer. You deserve it! The beautiful scenery will impress you.


The City of Edinburgh

What are your favourite things to do in Edinburgh at the weekend?

Go to the library and climb the Arthur’s Seat. Arthur’s Seat is the best place for me to relax. Don’t miss it when you need some exercise and to relax.