School of Social and Political Science

MSc Sociology and Global Change


Selinde Posthuma

Selinde graduated in 2020 - she chose the MSc Sociology and Global Change because of her desire to make a social impact in her future career. Here, she shares more about her experience on the programme, her favourite course - Armed Force and Society - and describes her time here as inspiring, intensive, and memorable.

MSc in Sociology and Global Change

Studying at the School of Social and Political Science

What made you choose to study at the University of Edinburgh?

I chose to study at the University of Edinburgh because I love the city of Edinburgh and I felt that this masters was a good match for me.

I had previously studied social sciences from a interdisciplinary perspective and within the MSc in Sociology and Global Change I was able to continue to do so while specialising in sociology.

Another important factor for me was the prestige of the University of Edinburgh; I really wanted to obtain my postgraduate degree from a top university.

How have you enjoyed your programme?

I enjoyed the contents and the structure of my programme very much. I really liked the wide variety of electives that is available to MSc students in the School of Social and Political Science. I felt that this really provided me with an opportunity to widen my knowledge on topics I did not previously study.

I also appreciated the length of the programme; as the MSc in Sociology and Global Change is a calendar year long rather than an academic year, there was enough time for me to focus solely on my dissertation research after concluding my courses.

What has been your favourite course?

My favourite course was Armed Force and Society. In this course we discussed armed conflict and weapon technology from a sociology perspective.

The reason I enjoyed it so much, is that it surprised me. I had never focused on these topics before, which made it a really interesting course for me.

Additionally, this course was taken by students from several different MSc programmes, which allowed for interdisciplinary discussion and meeting students outside of my own programme.

Aims for after University?

One of the major reasons I chose this MSc programme, is my desire to make a social impact in my future career. I am not entirely set on the form in which I hope to do that. I may pursue an academic career, but I also see myself ending up working in the third sector.

Regardless of which career path I choose, I feel that this degree has prepared for using my sociology knowledge for real life social impact. This is a way in which I think my MSc degree really added value on top of my undergraduate education.

Knowing what you do now, what would you say to your past self before starting the course?

I would tell myself to have faith in my own abilities. Starting a postgraduate degree can be overwhelming at times and at these moments it can be easy to forget your previous academic and/ or professional successes.

These successes, however, prove that you will be able to achieve your goals in postgraduate education.


University life

Are you involved in any student societies?

During my time at the University of Edinburgh, I was involved with Sexpression. Inclusive and quality sexual education is something that I care about and, therefore, I found being a member of Sexpression very rewarding. I saw Sexpression as a good way of engaging with Edinburgh’s local community outside of the University bubble.

I would also advise anyone who plays sports to play for one of the University teams, as it is a really fun way of representing the University of Edinburgh and making friends.

Where have you lived while studying at Edinburgh?

I have lived both in student accommodation and private housing during my time in Edinburgh.

I would advice any prospective students to think about what they are looking for in a home. If you want to make friends at the University quickly, student housing is a good place to do so.

If, on the other hand, you would like to settle in Edinburgh a bit more and make connections with the local community, private housing might be the way to go.

What has your University experience been like, in just three words?

Inspiring, intensive, and memorable.

If you recommend ONE thing to do in the first semester what would it be?

I would recommend to take any free moment you have in the first semester to explore Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a great city to wander in and there is much to discover. Dare to walk beyond the city centre (without looking at Google maps) from time to time and see where the road takes you.


The City of Edinburgh

What are your favourite things to do in Edinburgh at the weekend?

As the weather gets colder and the evenings become darker, pubs are the place to be in Edinburgh for comfort food and drinks with friends.

On sunny days, I love to take long walks through town and hikes just outside of the city. I also love going to one of Edinburgh’s cinemas or national galleries.

City of Edinburgh top tip or hidden gem?

Taking a walk in the Meadows just before sundown. There is something very calming about the last bit of sun for the day shining over the park.