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Suzanna Lockwood

MA in Politics

My favourite subject at school was Human Geography, and I've always been interested in international relations and how countries interact. This was a key subject area in Politics at Edinburgh so that encouraged me to apply. I have really enjoyed the fact that I can also take outside courses which enhance my understanding such as International Law.

This year I’m taking courses in:

  • Introduction to Politics and International Relations
  • International Law
  • Economics (1A)
  • Introduction to Criminal Justice


Why Edinburgh

I chose Edinburgh mainly because it has such a fantastic reputation; it is internationally renowned as a great university, and I have a lot of family who attended Edinburgh and loved their time here. It also has great results for my particular programme.

Favourite Course

All of my courses have helped towards my main degree; International Law actually helped considerable amounts when writing an essay in my first semester for Politics. Economics also brings in the monetary aspect of Politics, and helps my understanding of why governments make certain fiscal decisions.

Democracy in Comparative Perspective, the Politics course I am currently studying, has to be my favourite so far, simply because it directly compares three states - Russia, the UK and Egypt - and delves into how so many factors contribute to their different political systems. It’s great to study something so relevant and interesting!

Honours degrees are designed to give you a broader and more flexible education. They allow you to try a range of subjects before specialising in your final two years.

City Life

Edinburgh is lively, extremely cultured, traditional and entertaining. The city is beautiful and historical, but it’s definitely student ready, with Princes Street allowing for a huge variety of shops, and the University being central to the city.

It was so easy to settle in here. Welcome Week was a great way to get involved and meet new people, and Edinburgh is such an accomodating place.


I lived in Pollock Halls for my first year, which is the perfect area if you want to meet a lot of people, and have a great social life. Student accommodation is a great place to start out, with so many houses, you can meet someone new almost every day. Even if catered accommodation isn’t for you, it’s worth it for the people you meet.

Student Societies

I’m also involved in a few student societies which are brilliant for socialising. I’m part of the Cheerleading Squad, which is so much fun. It’s a competitive team with a mixture of gymnastics, dance and stunting. We compete yearly at national and international competitions. I’ve also been a part of Model UN, which is great for practising your debating skills!

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