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Jordanne Griffiths

MA Sociology

I’m taking Designing & Doing Social Research, Intimate Relationships, Social Theory, Doing Survey Research, Youth Culture, Media & Society and Sociology of Environment and Risk.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study after high school. I knew from doing Advanced Higher Modern Studies that I was really interested in behaviour and society as well as social problems so thought that Sociology seemed like the best option. The thing I’ve enjoyed most about it so far is that it completely changes the way you think.

I started my degree with what I believed to be reasonably concrete opinions on how the world works but Sociology makes you question everything and approach situations with a more rounded frame of mind. 

I’ve always been interested in crime, so I decided to choose some outside courses in Criminal Justice and Criminology as well. I think that these helped my understanding of the Sociology courses, they complimented each other really well.

The academic year has two semesters running from September to January and January to May, with coursework throughout and any exams taking place in January and in April/May. 

It can be a bit overwhelming when you first start but make the most of the resources that the university offers. The Personal Tutor scheme has helped me a lot. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – that’s what Sociology is all about!


Living in Edinburgh

I chose to study at Edinburgh because I grew up just outside the city and always loved it. Edinburgh is beautiful, fun, historic, interesting, friendly and inspirational.

I found it easy to settle into life here because I had quite a good knowledge of the city already. I live just outside Edinburgh now, but lived in the city centre during my first and second years. The variety of restaurants, bars and shops that the city has to offer is great. Even though it’s fairly small, each different district of Edinburgh also has its own identity. I really love the architecture as well, there is so much history everywhere you look!

I’ve always rented private property in the city rather than student accommodation - it’s still a great way to meet new people but allows you to share with a smaller group rather than live in large student halls which can be overwhelming for some people.

Student societies are a great way to meet new people who have similar interests and can also give you the chance to learn something new.

Jobs in Edinburgh are easy to come by. In first year I worked every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening which became a little too much. Now I only work during the day, fitting it around university hours. My advice would be to work if you need to, like I do, but make sure that, especially during exam time, you are able to adjust your hours. It’s also important to have some time to relax!

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