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At the heart of Politics and International Relations (PIR) is our research. We aim to produce research at the highest international standards, consolidating our position as one of the leading international locations for research on multi-level governance, European integration and global politics.

PIR benefits from a fluid, interdisciplinary structure and engages in intensive exchange with Sociology, Social Policy, Social Anthropology and Science, Technology and Innovation Studies. Such exchange spans the range of university life, from joint PhD supervision to cross-School seminars and events, from adventure lunches (exploring new areas for research collaboration) to joint research planning and strategy.

We host a number of research groups that either support research on particular methodological or theoretical approaches, or on topics that promise to yield innovative research. Our core research groups are:

Beyond the School we cooperate with colleagues across the University through research groups and institutes including:

  • The Europa Institute on European politics with the School of Law
  • Analysing urgent social challenges through CRITIQUE
  • Promoting and linking diverse forms of security research across disciplines via CeSeR

We also have countless of other connections with Schools as diverse as Informatics; Health in Social Science; Business; and Literatures, Languages and Cultures.

We are actively involved in collaboration through

National and international collaborations are also vital to our research. Our staff regularly hold visiting fellowships at universities around the world, deliver international plenary or keynote talks, and have their work translated into various languages.

Our staff are proactive in organising conferences and seminars, which regularly bring leading and rising researchers from around the world to PIR. Additionally our staff hold positions on the editorial boards of numerous journals, as well as positions within formal professional associations. This external engagement helps make PIR a rich and dynamic research environment.

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