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The Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology (EdCMA) is a world-leading academic unit dedicated to the anthropological study of the body, health and medicine. Medical anthropology, a subfield of social anthropology, applies anthropological ideas, comparative theories and methodologies to the study of global health problems.

EdCMA currently has a wide range of topical and regional expertise, which includes anthropology as applied to:

  • mental health
  • global health 
  • infectious disease
  • hospitals and health development bureaucracies
  • medical anthropology and STS
  • pharmaceuticals
  • functional foods
  • medical enhancement technologies
  • traditional and alternative healing
  • gender and reproduction
  • vaccines and laboratories
  • migration and health
  • environmental health 
  • human-animal relationship

Our regional expertise lies in South Asia, North, Central and South America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Melanesia.