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Jean Monnet Chair activities


Chad Damro, Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, currently holds the Jean Monnet Chair. The Chair initially provided funding from the EU's Jean Monnet Programme to bring to the University of Edinburgh academic and practitioner experts on the European Union and to support courses and other teaching activities on the EU. These Chair activities now continue under the auspices of the Europa Institute. Podcasts and further details for many of these talks can be found on the Transatlantic Seminars webpages.  From 2010, see also the activities listed on the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence webpages.

Chair funded speakers and conferences 2010-11

Ambassador Robert Hage, Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs: The European Union from the Outside: doing diplomacy with the EU, McEwen Hall Reception Room. 2 to 3:30pm, Thursday, 14 October.

Robert Hage is a former Ambassador, diplomat at the Canadian Mission to the European Union, and Director General for Europe and Legal Affairs with the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

Vincent Klassen, Economic Secretary, Canadian Embassy, Berlin: Germany and Economic Leadership in the era of Sovereign Debt Crises, McEwen Hall Reception Room. 4 to 5:30pm, Thursday, 14 October. Discussant Charlotte Rommerskirchen, University of Edinburgh.

Tal Sadeh, University of Tel Aviv: The political economy of making Economic and Monetary Union sustainable - A study of governments' preferences
Raeburn Room, Old College, 3 to 5pm, Friday, 29 October

Mark Hallerberg, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin: Fiscal Crisis and Fiscal Governance in Europe. Professor Hallerberg is one of the world's leading political economists working on EU / European related subjects. He is definitely the world's leading expert on fiscal governance in Europe. Seminar room 3, CMB, 3 to 4:30pm, Friday, 26 November

Using European Governance ideas to open up Canadian Federalism (Cancelled due to airport closure but the project continues.)

Caroline de la Porte, Centre for Welfare State Studies, University of Southern Denmark; Jorg Broscheck, Institut fur Politikwissenschaft, Hagen, Germany; Donna Wood, University of Victoria, Canada; Amy Verdun, University of Victoria, Canada; Denise Gareau, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Bart Vanhercke, Observatoire Sociale Européenn. Lorimer Room, Old College, University of Edinburgh 09:00 to 16:30

Places limited, please email Dr. Donna Wood at if you would like to attend this workshop or Shirley Fraser at

Sub-national island jurisdictions in the European Union and Beyond An international workshop was convened at the University of Edinburgh on 8-10 September 2011, to discuss the role of independence parties and movements in sub-national island jurisdictions in an age of European integration and globalisation. The workshop brought together political activists and leading academics to discuss the strategies, modalities and dynamics of independence movements in the 21st century. There were 15 speakers, including academics from Australia, North America and Europe, an independence party official from Sardinia (Italy) and a Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Highlands and Islands. The workshop considered the opportunities and challenges to independence in the contemporary times, and compared and contrasted these with different expressions of sub-national jurisdictional autonomy. The papers first presented at this workshop, which have been revised for a Special Issue of the journal Comparative & Commonwealth Politics, investigated the role and impact of (nascent) nationalism in the context of domestic politics, as well as a broader political and economic federalism and supranational integration such as European integration.

Chair funded speakers and conferences 2009-10

Friday, 25 September

Andy Smith, Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Bordeaux: The European Union and the WTO: The Case Of Scotch Whisky 

Friday, 30 October

David Galbreath, University of Aberdeen, Energy Security in the EU and Nationalism in the 'New Cold War'

Friday, 13 November

Annika Bergman, Danish Institute for International Studies: The Cosmopolitan- Communitarian Divide in the EU's CFSP  

Friday, 13 November

Ben Rosamond, University of Warwick: Social Constructivism and European Integration, PhD Workshop.

Friday, 20 November

Maurizio Carbone, University of Glasgow: What is the added value of the EU's development policy?

Friday, 27 November

EU versus NATO crisis management

Jamie Shea, NATO, Director of Policy Planning in the Private Office of the Secretary General.

Richard Wright, DG-External Relations, European Commission.

George Square Lecture Theatre:  15:30 to 17:30.

Friday, 4 December

The European Union and the Financial Crisis

Jean Monnet Chair and Europa Institute Conference

St. Cecilia’s Hall, Cowgate.  

Speakers include:  Sylvia Maxfield, Simmons College, School of Management, Boston; Amy Verdun, Universities of Victoria and Leiden; Steve Ryan, DG-Ecofin, European Commission; Sebastian Royo, Suffolk University; Henrik Enderlein, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin; Lucia Quaglia, University of Sussex

Friday, 15 January  

Dana Linnet, United States Consul General to Scotland:  America, the European Union and the Baltic States

Special Time:  4pm to 5:30, Lecture Theatre, Hugh Robson Building, 15 George Square (next door to the Chrystal Macmillan Building).

Friday, 22 January

Cliona Manahan, Irish Consul General to Scotland: The European Union and Ireland:  Now and the Future

Friday, 29 January

Alasdair Young, University of Glasgow: Between a rock and a hard place: EU compliance with WTO rules

Friday, 5 February 

Alistair McMillan, University of Sheffield: Elections in multi-national states: India, the EU and the US

Friday, 19 February

Anand Menon, University of Birmingham: Europe: State of the Union       

Friday, 5 March 

Paul Johnston, Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Transatlantic relations and European Security: challenges and opportunities in 2010 and beyond

Friday, 19 March 

Sebastian Royo, Suffolk University, Boston:  Spain in crisis:  the European Union to the rescue?

Chair funded speakers 2008-09

3/10/2008 Simon O’Connor, The Centre and Editor of E!Sharp:  Whose Bright Ideas? The Evolving Role of Think-tanks in the EU

10/10/2008 Prof Gerald Schneider, Chair of International Politics, University of Konstanz: Seminar on Winners and Losers of European Integration: Bargaining Power  and Council Decision Making"

10/10/2008 Prof Gerald Schneider, Chair of International Politics, University of Konstanz: PhD Workshop on Rational Choice versus Social Constructivism in EU studies.

17/10/2008 David Ferguson, Scottish Executive: Seminar on "What did you do in the vodka war, daddy?": The story of a spirited European political issue.

24/10/2008 Fabienne Ilzkovitz, DG Economic and Financial Affairs,  European Commission: Seminar on The Single Market in the 21st century. Main challenges.

7/11/2008 Graham Timmins, Professor, University of Sterling:  The European Union and Russia after the Georgia War.

14/11/2008 MEP Question Time

Chair: Michael Crow, Political Correspondent, STV. Participating MEPs: Catherine Stihler; John Purvis; Elspeth Attwooll; Alyn Smith

18/11/2008 Sven Biscop, Director, Security & Global Governance Programme, Egmont – The Royal Institute for International Relations, Belgium, Visiting Professor, College of Europe (Bruges) & Ghent University: Seminar on Developments in ESDP.  Meetings with two PhD students.

28/11/2008 Prof John Dumbrell, School of Government and International Affairs, University of Durham: The US-UK Special Relationship and the European Union                 

05/12 Steve Ryan, DG Competition, European Commission: Seminar on Transgovernmentalism in the Competition Policy Field - the EU Perspective

16/3/09 Mitchell Smith, Department of Political Science, University of Oklahoma: Seminar on EU Regulation and Globalisation