School of Social and Political Science

CRITIQUE Virtual Roundtable Teaching Ethics in Times of Covid 19

24 November 2021
15:00 - 16:30


This event will take place online (registration details below)





This interdisciplinary roundtable interrogates the provision of ethics training at the University of Edinburgh in light of the challenges that the Covid19 pandemic has posed for scholars and teachers, but also of the opportunities it has opened up for assessing and rethinking how we teach ethics today. Our panelists come from a variety of disciplinary fields, ranging from philosophy, social work, social policy and politics and IR.

In their interventions, they will consider the following questions:

  • In what way has the Covid 19 pandemic affected the way in which we teach ethics in various disciplines at Edinburgh?
  • What are the strengths and what are the shortcomings that the pandemic has rendered visible in the ways we provide ethics training, be it for theoretical and practical research projects?
  • How should we think about the ethical training of our students as they leave the walls of the university to become professionals in a world transformed by the pandemic?
  • What possibilities are there to forge interdisciplinary alliances that could help address existing shortcomings in our teaching of ethics in the wake of the pandemic?



  • Agomoni Ganguli Mitra, Lecturer and Chancellor’s Fellow in Bioethics and Global Health Ethics
  • Autumn Roesch-Marsh, Senior Lecturer in Social Work
  • Sudeepa Abeysinghe, Senior Lecturer in Global Health Policy
  • Michael Cholbi, Professor of Philosophy