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Edinburgh Sociology Seminar: Paula Surridge

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November 17, 16:00-17:30


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Title: Values, volatility and voting: the English electorate 1992 – 2019


Values, volatility and voting: The English electorate 1992 – 2019

Paula Surridge

The EU referendum and subsequent general elections in the UK have renewed interest in the influence of values and identity on voting behaviour. This paper uses data from the British Election Study Random Probability Samples to study the influence of ‘core’ political values on voting behaviour in England between 1992 and 2019. Using a two-dimensional model of political values, the paper shows that both the ‘old’ political values of left and right (associated with economics) and the ‘new’ political values (measured here as ‘liberal-authoritarian’ values) remain important in vote choices. It shows that the liberal-authoritarian dimension has become more important but also that the interaction between the two dimensions has come to play an increasing role.

The Edinburgh Sociology Seminar Series is a weekly series convened by Dr Christopher Barrie. Seminars take the format of a 45-60 minute research talk followed by 30-45 minute Q&A. We look forward to welcoming you there!

Key speakers

  • Paula Surridge, University of Bristol