School of Social and Political Science

Radical Research Ethics

Short course

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A global and transdisciplinary exploration of research ethics to help you think and act ethically throughout the research process.




This course is aimed at Postgraduate Researchers and Early Career Researchers within the School of Social and Political Science.

Ethical research is better quality research. This course is designed to raise your awareness of why and how you need to think and act ethically in practice throughout your research work. The current system of ethical review by committee can lead to the misleading sense of having ‘done ethics’. This course shows you how to conduct research which is truly ethical. It also provides the opportunity for discussion of your own ethical dilemmas, if you wish.

The course covers:

  • Research ethics in context – ethical breaches past and present, ethics dumping, ethics activism
  • Potential ethical pitfalls at each stage of the research process, from question setting to aftercare
  • How to think and act ethically throughout research

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Recognise the importance of context for ethical decision-making
  • Understand why they need to think and act ethically throughout research work
  • Be clearer about potential ethical pitfalls at different stages of the research process
  • Know how to approach ethical thought and action at any point in their research

Key speakers

  • Dr Helen Kara