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News from Edinburgh’s Medicine Anthropology Journal


The team at the Medicine Anthropology Theory (MAT) journal, based at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Social and Political Science (SPS), share their latest updates, including new issues, details of the MAT editorial team and becoming indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals.

Medicine Anthropology Theory is an open-access journal publishing scholarly articles, position pieces, reviews, and notes from the field related to the fields of:

  • medical anthropology
  • the anthropology of biomedicine
  • critical global health studies
  • medical humanities
  • science and technology studies

In January 2020, the Edinburgh MAT Collective at Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology (based at SPS) took over as the new editorial team behind MAT.

MAT is hosted on the University Library’s Journal Hosting Service and is part of the University’s growing portfolio of fully open-access internationally-leading academic journals.

The past year has been challenging for academic publishing everywhere, but despite these difficulties, we have overseen many exciting changes and achievements at MAT.

Leadership in Open Access Publishing

The journal is led by a collective of academic editors based at the Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology (EdCMA). The collective is supported by the Managing Editor, Cristina Moreno Lozano, a PhD candidate at SPS, and by the library’s academic publishing team.

Managing Editor Cristina Moreno Lozano said: "At MAT we believe that the future of open-access editing is collaborative and team-based. We're acutely aware of both the opportunities and ethical pitfalls of open access publishing and since taking the helm we have established a set of principles for ethical, accessible, fair and sustainable open access to guide our actions at MAT."

Read these principles on the MAT website.

New publications

Since moving to Edinburgh, MAT has published three issues, including a special section on COVID-19 guest-edited by Adriana Petryna and Sara Rendell:

Medical Anthropology Theory journal – April 2021 issue

Pre-publications for MAT’s upcoming first special issue on diagnostics, medical testing and value, guest edited by Dr Alice Street (SPS, University of Edinburgh, also a member of the Editorial Collective), and Dr Ann Kelly (King’s College London) is now available to read:

Medical Anthropology Journal – Pre-publication: Medical Testing, Diagnosis and Value

Directory of Open Access Journals

Medicine Anthropology Theory is now indexed by the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

DOAJ is the leading online directory for high-quality, open access, peer-reviewed journals and sets the benchmarks for best practice across the sector.

Visit the Medicine Anthropology Theory directory listing.

Indexing in DOAJ shows that MAT meets the highest standards for open access initiatives and programmes around the world, including Plan S in Europe and Capes/Qualis in Brazil.

Dr Jessica Cooper, current MAT Edinburgh Collective coordinator and Lecturer in Social Anthropology at SPS said: “MAT is the only medical anthropology journal that neither charges article processing fees to its authors, nor does it charge readers or their institutions to access content. With the support of colleagues at the University, as well as dozens of authors and reviewers, MAT thrives at the forefront of open-access publishing, providing cutting-edge original research to our readers, and putting into practice our ethos statement.”

More information

Visit the Medicine Anthropology Theory website

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