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Social Anthropology Seminar Series announced for Autumn 22



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Social Anthropology has announced its Autumn 2022 Seminar Series.

The full list is below. All seminars are from 3pm - 5pm and in person unless stated otherwise.

  • 23 September: 'Implausible' Access: Strategic Naivete and Intentional Labour in Carceral Settings
    CMB Seminar Room 1
    On Zoom
    Dr Macario Garcia (Kennesaw State University)

  • 7 October: A Celebration of Professor Janet Carsten
  • 14 October: A Prayer for the World: Reassessing Ethnography, Audience, and Purpose in 2022
    CMB Seminar Room 1
    Professor Paige West (Columbia)
  • 21 October: Translating Food Sovereignty: Knowledge, Networks, and the Ethnography of Transnational Governance
    CMB Seminar Room 1

    Dr Matthew Canfield (Leiden)
  • 28 October: Patchwork Ethnography
    Violet Laidlaw Room
    Dr Chika Watanabe (Manchester) + Dr Gökçe Günel (Rice)
  • 4 November: More-Than-Human Memory: Engaging the Non-Human in the Aftermath of Genocide
    CMB Seminar Room 1
    Professor Yael Navaro (Cambridge)
  • 8 November:Marriage, Love, Visa and Video Calls
    Violet Laidlaw Room, 12.30 to 2.00 pm
    Professor Kathryn March (Cornell)
    Joint seminar with the Centre for South Asian Studies
  • 11 November: Protecting our Union: Marriage, Threat, and Priority Politics in Virginia, USA
    CMB Seminar Room 1
    Dr Siobhan Magee (Edinburgh)
  • 25 November: 'End the bloody projects!' - Learning liberation pedagogy and progress with permaculture youth camps in Timor-Leste
    CMB Seminar Room 1
    Dr Thomas Stodulka (Freie Universität)
    Seminar co-badged with the Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology (EdCMA)
  • 2 December: Who Will Cook for Joseph? Difficult Kinship, Ambivalent Mobilities, and Uncertain Devotions in the Central Philippines
    CMB Seminar Room 1
    Dr Resto Cruz (Edinburgh)