School of Social and Political Science

Social Policy expert and University of Edinburgh colleagues join UK Government Department for Culture, Media and Sport advisory group


Dr Orian Brook in Social Policy is one of four University of Edinburgh academics to be appointed to the new College of Experts for The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

Dr Brook – of the School of Social and Political Science – will be joined by colleagues from across the University, including Professor Mark Parsons (Director of the EPCC supercomputing centre), Professor Melissa Terras (Professor of Digital Cultural Heritage and Director of Research at the Edinburgh Futures Institute), and Dr Ewa Luger (Chancellor’s Fellow of Digital Arts and Humanities at Edinburgh College of Art).

The DCMS College of Experts is made up of 49 experts from across academia and industry. They will support the DCMS’ areas of research interest, taking part in working groups and providing advice and support to government policy and analytical teams.

The College of Experts will also strengthen and increase access to scientific networks, support the development of evidence bases for key research areas, and provide support to policy and analytical government teams.

The University of Edinburgh experts will provide expertise in data and digital fields, contributing with advice in areas such as big data, data analytics and digitisation.

Dr Brook said: “I’m delighted to be joining the DCMS College of Experts. I worked in arts organisations for many years, before my academic career, and I am really excited to have the chance to advise on the activities of the DCMS, and to the research that they commission. This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute my expertise to better understand, and hopefully act on, the social and spatial inequalities present in the sector.”

Professor Terras said: “The range of expertise needed by DCMS is vast, and it's great to see such representation from the Edinburgh Futures Institute community on the newly formed College of Experts. With digital central to many aspects of culture, media and sport, the community here at Edinburgh will contribute to the development of policy, and UK Government approaches, to supporting our cultural, artistic and sporting communities.

“Engaging fully in this group will link us to ongoing discussions regarding innovation throughout the UK, showing Edinburgh’s importance in national debate, R&D, and planning.”

The College of Experts is managed by the DCMS Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) team.