School of Social and Political Science

Understanding financial vulnerability in older workers


Dr Lynne Robertson-Rose at Edinburgh's School of Social and Political Science is leading a research project to investigate the long-term impact of financial vulnerability amongst older workers.

The 14-month project, funded by the Standard Life Foundation, will look at how the pandemic has affected the most financially vulnerable older workers across the UK and how it will impact their financial futures.

Building a picture of financial distress in older workers

The project aims to:

  • provide a comprehensive picture of financial distress amongst financially vulnerable workers over the age of 55
  • determine the impact of the economic downturn on their ability to achieve financial security in retirement
  • suggest potential support mechanisms to alleviate their financial distress

The team is taking a mixed-methods research approach, analysing income and expenditure data from prior to and during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In April the researchers begin collecting focus group insight from organisations providing advice to older workers.

The research team

The interdisciplinary team from the University of Edinburgh includes:

  • Dr Lynne Robertson-Rose, School of Social and Political Science (project lead)
  • Dr Tiejun Ma, School of Informatics
  • Dr Felipe Costa Sperb, School of Informatics
  • Mia Dowman, Global Open Finance Centre of Excellence

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