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Dr Claire Duncanson - SPS COP26


Claire Duncanson is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the School of Social and Political Science. 

Claire's research interests lie at the intersection of international security, IR theory and gender politics. Her work applies new theoretical insights about feminism, gender, and masculinities to international issues such as peacebuilding, military interventions, and nuclear proliferation. 

Her current project, with Carol Cohn at the Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Right, is focused on creating a Feminist Roadmap for Sustainable Peace and Planet.

Prior to her academic career, she worked for a variety of human rights and international development NGOs, including Amnesty International, Jubilee 2000 and Global Perspective.

Claire's work related to COP26 themes uses feminist analysis to explore and illuminate the impacts and drivers of climate change.

Climate change and gender blogs
Here are a series of blogs written over the last year that feed directly into COP26 issues:

NEW: Green new deals

Claire has co-authored a new article and infographic: 

Feminist Critical Engagements with Green New Deals: Are They Green Enough, New Enough, & Who Gets the Raw End of the Deal?

This new infographic aims to increase understanding of Green New Deals, and the ways in which, in their current guises, they will fail to tackle the interconnected ecological and inequalities crises they aim to address.

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