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Research interests

Research interests

My PhD research is on the relationship between technology and democracy. I study how public dialogues on emerging digital technologies are designed, enacted (and sometimes resisted) by participants. I seek to explore dialogues as social technologies that must be carefully designed to meet and contest the ideal of deliberative democracy.

As a scholar, my research interests are centred around three broad areas:

  • Public engagement and dialogue
  • Engineering education 
  • Design and innovation studies


I'm a psychologist specialising in interdisciplinary research. Before joining the University of Edinburgh for my PhD, I worked as a lecturer and researcher at the Engineering Design Initiative, Universidad Católica de Chile (DILAB UC). During that time, my research and teaching were mainly geared toward the intersection between engineering design, higher education, and responsible innovation. I have also worked extensively in public engagement, helping public and private institutions analyse and design expert and citizen consultations and dialogues.

I am currently leading the evaluation of the Scottish Parliament's efforts to embed deliberative democracy in legislative scrutiny, and also working with the Scottish Government to form a group on Collective Intelligence in Scotland to explore the potentials and risks of emerging technology for democratic deliberation. I also collaborate with the Iswe Foundation as a data associate in their efforts to create a new civic technology to support citizens' assemblies for climate governance.

Among other projects, I have worked as a researcher and analyst in the use of Natural Language Processing for Chile's biggest participation platform called "Tenemos Que Hablar de Chile" [We have to talk about Chile, 2019–2022], Chile's Constitutional Convention of 2022, the Constitutional Council of 2023, and the Chilean National Policy for Education in Comprehensive Affectivity and Sexuality, among others. I also led the first public consultation to inform Chile's Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation (STKI) Strategy. 

I have also served as coordinator, trainer, researcher and judge of the Savialab project aimed at collaborating with school teachers in outreach education to indigenous minorities and young people in rural areas across Chile [Winner of the 2018 UNESCO/AIRBUS Diversity Award for Engineering Education].

I have also served as part of editorial boards in Latin American journals on interdisciplinary social research. I currently serve as a book review editor in the Tapuya Latin American Science, Technology and Society Journal and I am part of scientific evaluators of the newly launched Editorial Faro UDD. Before that, from 2019 to 2022, I served as a board member of the Cogency Journal of Reasoning and Argumentation. From 2020 to 2022, I served as a board member of the Praxis Psy Journal of Interdisciplinary Psychology.

I am currently working with John Zerilli on translating Human-Computer Interaction for the ethical implementation of AI in government settings. 

I am a core member of the Centre for Technomoral Futures, I am also affiliated with SKAPE and serve as a Student Representative for PhD researchers in STIS. With Fernanda Díaz (Law) and Elisabet Vives (Politics), we run a research group on deliberative democracy and innovation called DemFutures.


PhD title and supervisors

Dialogues as public technologies: Towards a framework for public dialogue design in science and technology

Supervisors: Dr Eugénia Rodrigues and Dr Oliver Escobar


The full list of my publications can be found on Researchgate or Google Scholar

Teaching Experience in UC Chile

  • Technological Wonders of Everyday Life (2022). Co-lecturer.
  • Social and Technical Foundations of Innovation (2019 – 2022). Lecturer.
  • Models of technology, entrepreneurship & design (2019 – 2022). Lecturer.
  • Anthro-Design (2018 – 2022). Lecturer.