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Professor Janette Webb

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Professor of Sociology of Organisations

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Chisholm House

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  • BSc (Hons) First Class, Psychology, University of Hull
  • PhD Social Psychology, University of Nottingham

Research interests

Research interests

My research concerns social studies of energy and climate change. With funding from UK Research and Innovation, our research group is studying comparative European heat and energy efficiency governance, and local and regional energy systems. Further work is evaluating the Energy Efficient Scotland Pilots (funding from Scottish ClimateXChange). Our research is used in  2018 UK Government Clean Growth: Transforming Heating and in the UK Industrial Strategy Challenge Prospering from the Energy Revolution.

Recent invited presentations include UK devolution and divergence in energy efficiency policies: Scotland and England, Oxford Energy Colloquia; Funding and Investment Solutions for Local Authority Focused Energy Systems, UK Energy Systems Catapult Oct 2020; Heat and Energy Efficiency, 2045 Getting to Where We Need to Be, Scottish Renewables Annual Conference, Sept 2020;  Devolved Government and Energy Efficiency Policy Making, Scottish Government Heat and Energy Efficiency Team, August 2020; Running the Low Carbon Heat Transition Policy Connect Roundtable May 2020; Heat and Energy Efficiency Policy, Irish Renewable Energy Summit, Dublin, Feb 2020.

I am co-director of the UK Energy Research Centre; member of the Scottish Science Advisory Council, the Infrastructure Commission for Scotland and UKRI Energy Science Advisory Committee, and adviser to the Industrial Strategy Challenge: Prospering from the Energy Revolution.

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