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Honorary Fellow

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Lorraine has over twenty five years’ experience as a program leader working internationally and in the UK covering and leading on strategic reform, policy design & implementation, international development and stabilization across military, civil and diplomatic sectors. She is a confident and diplomatic communicator specializing in post-conflict and fragile states with extensive experience of working with international NGO’s/IGO’s and Governments within Eastern Europe, Balkans, Central Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan & South Pacific, undertaking strategic and operational reviews, engaging key stakeholders and Ministers, delivering complex pioneering improvement plans, and, negotiating and influencing in highly political and culturally sensitive environments. She is also a civilian expert with the UK Government Stabilization Unit cleared for deployments to fragile and conflict affected countries to assist the government in addressing instability; an expert member for the Security, Conflict and International Panel of Experts within the Department of Criminology at the University of Leicester; and in Afghanistan was the civilian liaison between ISAF and the Ministry of Public Health in Afghanistan and advisor to the civilian-military fusion center NATO Virginia. She is the Associate Director Research for Aspen People Ltd and has extensive experience working for and with the following organisations;

  • Swiss Red Cross
  • Aga Khan Health Services
  • Asian Development Bank
  • World Bank
  • European Union
  • European Commission
  • Belgian Development Agency (BTC)
  • DFID
  • MOD
  • FCO
  • NATO
  • UN

Lorraine is an MBA Graduate from the University of Edinburgh and has an M.Litt. Middle East & Central Asia Security Studies from St Andrews University. She is also a graduated registered nurse, midwife and health visitor. Her extensive career ranges from academia in Scotland & Internationally to senior management positions on USAID, EU & WB projects.

Research interests

Research interests

Fragile states, Conflict & Post-Conflict Studies, MENA & Central Asia Security and Development Interventions, Stabilization, Global Health Policy, Health systems, Intercultural Communication, Intelligence, Conflict Resolution & Negotiation

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