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Rachel Carlile

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PhD title: Resisting and reshaping neoliberal food systems: an ethnographic study of agroecology and rural development in Chiapas, Mexico

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Research interests

Agriculture and the politics of food, Agroecology, Mexico, Postcolonial theory, Social movements, Ethnography, Rural Development, Alternative (food) economies

My research looks at processes of rural development and agrarian change in Mexico. Through ethnographic research with small-scale farmers and social movements, I explore how concepts relating to agricultural production and food systems transformation, specifically agroecology, are engaged with and shaped by different actors on the ground. By examining diverse experiences of food production and consumption, I seek to understand the possibilities and challenges of generating sustainable and socially just food systems in different contexts.

This research is funded by an Economic and Social Research Council PhD Studentship.


Dr Aaron Kappeler and Dr Marisa Wilson