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Research interests

My research covers a range of issues: (1) The social study of mammalian synthetic biology, with a focus on research cultures; (2) The social and ethical relations of animal research, particularly how human-animal relations influence the making and performance of regulations; (3) Aquaculture in context, including it's historical, social, technological, economic and historical dimensions, especially in Scotland.

Current and recent projects

  • Engineering Biology for Cell and Gene Therapy (Responsible Research and Innovation) [2022 - , EPSRC/UKRI Transition Award]
  • Time pressures in academic-industry collaborations in mammalian engineering biology  [2023 - BBSRC/UKRI Transition Award Flexible Funding]
  • Survey of resources: History of Aquaculture [2023 - SRSF/University of Edinburgh] 
  • The Animal Research Nexus [2017 - 2022, Wellcome Trust Collaborative Award]
  • 'Suffer the Little Fishes?' Exploring UK biologists perceptions of the controversy about fish pain [2019 - 2020, Fell Fund Award, University of Oxford]

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I studied Sociology at the Universities of Cape Town and Literature at the University of York, before completing an MSc in Biomedicine, Bioscience and Society at the London School of Economics. I then worked for two years at the research and advisory group Counterpoint in London, before beginning PhD studies, again at the LSE. I followed this up with a postdoctoral position at the Department of Geography, University of Oxford. I began at Edinburgh in September 2022.

Publications by user content

Publication Research Explorer link
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