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Part-time teaching


Research students can make an invaluable contribution to the teaching team for undergraduates, running tutorial groups and reading and commenting on students’ work. The School of Social and Political Science provides initial training and some teaching materials for Postgraduate Tutors with further training also available through the Institute of Academic Development.

Calls for tutors are usually sent by email to current research postgraduates periodically through the year and over the summer.  For information about tutoring in the school please see:

Decision about the allocation of tutoring relate to the qualifications and abilities of postgraduate applicants, and take into account the possible competing demands of their research. Those appointed as tutors receive a letter setting out the terms and conditions of their appointment. It is up to the student to ensure that the amount of work undertaken in the School does not impact on progress with their studies. There may also be opportunities to give guest lectures on undergraduate courses for students in second year of later of their PhD. Discuss this with your supervisors.

Information on recommended part‐time working hours during your studies is available on the Student Immigration webpages.

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