School of Social and Political Science

Research Training Support Grant


This information is specific to non-ESRC students whose scholarship includes a Research Training Support Grant in their award Terms and Conditions.

Before incurring expenditure

The Request for Funding form must be submitted to the Graduate School Office (GSO) before incurring any expenditure.  

How to claim

The student should complete part A, and forward to the supervisor to complete part B.

On completion of part B, your supervisor should send the form by email to the Graduate School Office -

Students may only claim against your remaining funds, taking into account any pending claims.  If insufficient funds remain to cover the entire requested expenditure, you will need to meet the rest of the cost yourself.

The Graduate School Director may be consulted in assessing the request for funding.

Outcome of claim

Applicants will be notified of the outcome by the Graduate School Office by email. You should expect to hear within 3 weeks of the original application.

If, after making a Request for Funding, students do not incur the expenditure, the Graduate School Office should be informed. 

When the GSO calculate funds remaining, all Requests for Funding are taken into account, including those where no expenditure has (yet) been incurred.

Students will be expected to pay up-front for costs, and then reclaim up to the amount approved after the expenditure has occurred.

Students are responsible for making their own travel and accommodation arrangements, and any insurance which they may require.


Travel outside of Edinburgh requires submission of the Travel Risk Assessment: TRA1-CV19 form to the Director of PGR Programmes ( at least two weeks prior to the date of travel. You should refer to the Restarting Business Travel flowchart before submission and await approval before you travel. The risk assessment should be submitted regardless of whether your funding application is approved.

We recommend you use the University's free travel insurance where applicable.

After incurring expenditure

An Expense Claim Form must be completed after incurring the expenditure, and submitted to the GSO ( 

Proof of receipt

Receipts or other proof of expenditure must be provided, regardless of the price of items. 

Invoices, aeroplane tickets and other tickets that do not include the amount and the student’s name are not acceptable. Email confirmations, print-outs of bank statements (confidential information may be blanked out), and receipts are all acceptable. 

Receiving expenses

If the Expense Claim Form is completed with your bank details, a BACS payment will be made.

If it is completed with the student's address, a cheque will be sent.

Please note that payments are not made by the GSO but by the University's Accounts Payable department. 

You should expect to receive expenses 4-6 weeks after submitting the Expenses Claim Form.

Students who attended a conference must also submit a Post-Conference Report Form – expenses will not be reimbursed until this is received.