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Monitoring engagement


Recording your meetings

The University requires MScR and PhD meetings to be recorded on EUCLID:

  • at least twice in every 3 month period, or every 4-6 weeks

Compliance is not optional, and is essential to your welfare. 

After each meeting, or if you are on fieldwork, each substantial contact should be recorded by your supervisor on your EUCLID record. You are able to view these in your record.

This should include recording:

  • phone call
  • video call
  • emailed report

We recommend you remind your supervisor at every meeting to add a note of engagement into your record.

Attending classes

If you have not been attending classes you are registered for (either audit or credit), please ensure you do attend all future classes.

Auditing courses (class only)

Note that if you are not required to undertake courses and are registered to audit, this does require class attendance.

If you prefer just to have advice on reading materials and attend ad hoc classes when space allows, please contact to be withdrawn from the course so missed classes no longer affect your engagement record.

You should then contact the Course Organiser directly for reading material advice.

SEAM process overview

Engagement points

On a monthly basis, the Postgraduate Research (PGR) Support team emails supervisors who have engagement points missing from their student's record.

This will happen one week prior to an Escalation 1 email being sent to the student. This allows time for points to be added by the supervisor if relevant.

One week later, if the engagement point is still missing, the PGR Support team assumes the student has not been engaging and sends the Escalation 1 email to the student, copying the supervisor. An escalation point is added to the student's EUCLID record.

Escalation points can later be made exempt or deleted if missing points are added by the supervisor.

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