School of Social and Political Science

PhD Annual Review system


As of 2016 the annual review form for PhD students is located within your student record. Guidance on how to use the system / an overview of the system is below.

Queries regarding the system should be directed to the PGR Administrator in the Graduate School Office in the first instance.

Timing of the review

The annual review is sent out to you 8 months from the start date of your programme or year of programme.

The system will take into account any interruptions of study. For example, if you have had a 2 month interruption of study then the review will be sent out 2 months later than originally scheduled.

It is possible for administrative staff to send out a review earlier than scheduled, change the date of the review or delete a review. If this is required or if you believe the date on the system is incorrect, please contact the PhD administrator in the Graduate School Office.

Overview of the system

The review form is located, and can be viewed, within your MyEd portal, via 'Student Personal Details' channel and then 'Research'

The review form contains five sections:

  1. Student
  2. Principal Supervisor
  3. Additional Supervisors
  4. Student sign-off
  5. Postgraduate director (or delegate)

The main difference between this and the old form is that you are now required to complete a section before the form is sent to your supervisors.

More information on each section is outlined below.

System Workflow

1. Student

8 months into your year of programme EUCLID will automatically create an annual review form.

Once this has been created you are sent an automatically generated email with a link to the form. At this time the principal/lead co-supervisor will also be sent an email notification that the process has started.

You will then complete and submit Section 1. This should be completed as soon as possible and by the end of your year of programme at the latest.

Please ensure to upload your 1st Year Board paper or relevant paper for subsequent years.

2. Principal/Lead Co Supervisor

Once you have submitted Section 1, EUCLID will send an email notification to the principal/lead co supervisor with a link to access the form.

Your supervisor completes and submits Section 2.

If this is the first year board, your supervisor will upload the minute/report of your board meeting at this stage.

This document can only be uploaded by the principal/lead co-supervisor.

3. Additional supervisors

Once your principal/lead co-supervisor has submitted Section 2, the system will send an email notification to your assistant/co-supervisor with a link to access the form.

Your assistant/co-supervisor reviews and signs off Sections 1 and 2 and adds a comment if they choose to.

This step is repeated for any additional supervisors you may have.

4. Student sign-off

The system will then automatically notify you that all sections are now complete and you can access and view both completed sections.

You should review both sections and sign off the form.

5. Postgraduate Advisor or Graduate School Deputy Director (research)

Once you are satisfied and have signed off the form, an email notification is sent to the Postgraduate Advisor (PGA), or Graduate School Deputy Director (research) if the PGA is part of the supervision team, with a link to the form.

Once the PGA/Deputy Director has reviewed the form and is satisfied, they can sign off on it and the process is complete.

Please note that at any point the form is under review, should the reviewer disagree with a comment, they may send the form back for additional review.

All the roles have this capability at their sign off phase. Should the form be sent back, an automated email is generated to inform all the parties of the form status.

System Help

Further guidance is available on the Student Systems website.