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Your Personal Tutor (PT) is a member of academic staff familiar with your general area of study and the expectations of academic work in your discipline. Each Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught student is assigned a PT and you can contact them for academic queries and issues.  

For Postgraduate Taught students, Programme Directors typically act as PTs for students studying on the relevant PG degree programme. Some larger programmes have one or more PTs instead of (or in addition to) the Programme Director.

You can find out who your PT is via MyEd.

Personal Tutors in SPS

The SPS Personal Tutoring Statement 2021-22 gives an oversight of Personal Tutoring in SPS and includes more information about the role of the PT and how your PT can support you with your studies.

Additional information on all aspects of the Personal Tutoring system can be found on the University's My Personal Tutor page.

When should I meet my PT?

Your PT will contact you with details of your first meeting, usually during Welcome Week or the first two weeks of teaching, depending on your level of study.

You can request a meeting with your PT at any time via MyEd.

What if my PT is unavailable?

If your PT is unavailable, contact your Student Support Officer. They will be able to suggest someone else in your subject area who can assist and advise you.

Who else supports me?

Personal Tutors work closely with colleagues across the School, College and University. In particular they work in partnership with the School Student Support Office and Senior Personal Tutor (who is also Director of Student Experience and Engagement) as well as Directors of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Programmes to develop and enhance student support provision and the student experience.


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