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Student Representation and Student Staff Liaison Committees (SSLCs)


In SPS we take students' views into account when making decisions on how our courses and programmes are designed and run. Regular meetings are held between students and subject area staff.

Becoming a Programme Rep

Each academic year the School recruits Programme Representatives. These reps are the link between students and staff at programme level, ensuring that the University is continuously listening and engaging with students to improve teaching, learning, assessment, and academic services.

Benefits of becoming a Programme Rep

There are lots of great benefits of becoming a Programme Rep; a few of these include:

  • making a positive contribution to the University by improving the student experience in your School for your peers
  • receiving specialised training and ongoing support via the Student Rep Forum where all Programme Reps are enrolled in Learn. The basic online training will help you understand how to represent students’ views democratically, be an effective student leader within the Students' Association, and work constructively with the University to solve problems and implement positive changes
  • improving your leadership skills and employability by meeting expectations to earn recognition for your role, including Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) recognition and/or the Edinburgh Award for Representing Students.

For more details on being a Programme Rep please see the information on the Edinburgh University Students' Association website 

Programme Rep responsibilities

As a Programme Rep within SPS, and to have the role recorded on your HEAR certificate, your responsibilities will be to:

  • undertake the training offered by EUSA
  • actively work with the support of EUSA and the Subject Areas to gather feedback, thoughts and ideas from the students they represent
  • attend and actively contribute to Subject Area-level Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) meetings (two per academic year)
  • attend and actively contribute to a School-level student rep meeting which will occur annually
  • close the 'feedback loop' by letting the students you represent know how their feedback was communicated in the SSLCs, what resolutions and recommendations emerged in relation to this feedback, and any actions taken in reference to these.

Edinburgh University Students' Association training

For Programme Reps to gain HEAR recognition, they must successfully complete the Programme Rep Training by the end of Week 6 and a handover document by the end of the academic year.

Programme Rep training in 2020/21 will comprise of self-study Microsoft Sway module and a live, interactive session.  Reps must complete both parts of training, to be eligible for HEAR.

The training will cover the role of a Programme Rep in relation to quality enhancement; working with students to gather representative feedback on the student learning experience; communicating feedback to relevant staff; and the support available from the Students’ Association.

New for this year, the training will also provide additional information regarding the Programme Rep role in the hybrid teaching model, and how Reps can effectively use online platforms to gather feedback.

If you are appointed as a Programme Rep, you will be contacted by the Students’ Association with full details.

How to be considered for the Programme Rep position

The deadline for all applications will be 12 noon, 30 September.

Please complete the application form via the link below.  As part of the application, you will be asked to provide a short statement of no more than 100 words on why you would like to be considered for class rep. 

Apply to be a Programme Rep 

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