School of Social and Political Science

Constance Mbala Mwakio


Age: 35

Completed: 2017 – 2020

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Studying at the School of Social and Political Science

What made you choose to study at the University of Edinburgh?

My choice of this programme was simply because of how it was a three-in-one course. I was able to study three main different areas of global challenges in one degree programme.

I chose the University of Edinburgh not only because it was one of the choices of the commonwealth scholarships commission but because of its global recognition as an outstanding institution of higher learning.

It also offered the course online which meant I could get quality education without leaving my home country.

Apart from the physical attendance of classes, studying Online allowed me to satisfactorily play my other roles as an employee, a mother and a wife.

How have you enjoyed your programme?

This programme gave an opportunity to attend class with people from all parts of the world. I enjoyed learning about their ways of life, environment, health and development challenges and their success stories. Most importantly, I was able to realize our similarities in all this and can now easily relate and emulate what has worked for them to benefit my community.

What has been your favourite course?

Sustainability and Social Responsibility under the PGD Environmental challenges was my favourite course.

I also enjoyed studying maternal and child health in a global context under the PGD Health challenges.

Aims for after University?

Part of my plans after my degree is to apply for my PhD and delve into research work in sustainability and/or environment. I also want to engage more in community work through volunteering my knowledge and skills acquired during my studies. I have ensured to maintain contact between colleagues and lecturers with whom we have shared interests.

What are your highlights from your time at the School of Social and Political Science?

I had amazing discussions and group works despite the different time zones we all were in. I was also lucky to attend the Commonwealth Universities summer camp in Ghana, virtually, during my final year.

Knowing what you do now, what would you say to your past self before starting the course?

I would tell my past self that she has no clue what intellectual awakening and engagement she is in for during her studies.